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Mixing and dosing

Exact mixing and dosing of varying materials and additives are indispensable in the plastics industry. The Eisbär mixing and dosing unit is a tailor-made system solution for the exact mixing and dosing of materials and additives—also with high material throughputs.

• Maximum material throughput (several t/h are possible).
• Highest accuracy (there is a dedicated weighing system for each component).
• Processing of hot material.
• Homogeneous, simultaneous mixing of all materials.
• Best reproducibility (saved recipes, highest accuracy).
• 100% network connectivity.
• No premixing necessary.

Process and system description: 
• Feeding of main materials and additives.
• Filtering of the main materials and additives using filter screens (optional).
• Filling of the material hopper.
• Provision of the precise material quantities in the weighing and dosing containers.
• Filling of the collecting hopper with the required material quantities from the weighing hoppers using screw conveyors.
• Continuous unloading of the mixture for further processing.
• The system ensures exact mixing and dosing of the various materials and additives.
• Data indication and graphic overview of the various dosing units as well as the recipes set.
• Exact adjustment of the dosing and assignment of the various materials and additives.