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Blow air cooling

BACS - Blow Air Cooling System

The BACS—a cold air system for blow-molding machines—is a cooling unit for compressed air.

Short cycle time and constant production due to cooled blow air.

BACS increases productivity be means of cold blow air, is air-cooled and independent of cooling water.




  • Productivity increase due to short cooling cycles.
  • Constant product quality due to constant temperature.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Low energy consumption.


The BACS can be installed either immediately after the compressor, after the pressure vessel, or before a load. The system operates with a particularly high-performance, self-cleaning stainless steel plate heat exchanger unit. The installation of a preseparator or prefilter is not necessary. Only if the inlet air is heavily soiled or if there are unusually large solid particles is it necessary, possibly, to install a prefilter.


The BACS Blow Air Cooling System cleans and cools the blow air to +3 °C.

The BACS pays for itself in a short time due to a considerable improvement in the productivity.  

BACS - quality:

  • Consistent product quality.
  • Exact reproducibility.
  • Compact design.

BACS - system sizes:

  • Various system sizes are possible (depending on the compressed air demand).

BACS - service:

  • Maintenance-free, except regular filter replacement.
  • More than 40 representatives available worldwide. 

BACS - installation:

  • Easy operation.
  • Quick commissioning.